Devlog #04 – New artwork and new gameplay

Vacations, crunch time at work, ahhh, this is the life. Slowly but surely Project OneLife makes his way towards the App Store. Here are some new developments in the art department. The character still needs work, but that might take a while because we have no dedicated artist.

So here are some new pictures of what we’re doing. We are trying out the size of the GUIs and character detail at this point, but I think we are going to put those issues aside while we work on our ingame editor and levels.


Here is our hero dashing.

Character tests

We had a character that jumped (mario jumps) and glided but that  felt too slow. Now we have a dashing character, literally. He/she dashes forward  and upward, destroying pitiful walls and enemies.

Hopefully we’ll get some video of gameplay soon for you to check out.



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