Devlog #05 – In Game Editor – a level designer’s delight

Here are some pictures of our new in game editor. Until now we’ve been using tiled, which is a great little program. The only problem was that every time we made a change to a level we had to compile to the Ipod in order to test it, which made testing and tunning levels a monumental bore.

But now, thanks to our programmer (what name/nickname do you want me to put here A?) we have a simple but very effective level editor with all the needed features (for now at least, more are on the way):

– tile select on the bottom, one for each type of tile (deadly, ground, “coin”, breakable)

– Save button of course 🙂

– And the god sent PLAY button.

Hopefully this will be available for the player to make and share his/her own levels. Lets see how that works.

Now the pictures

Select the tile and drag to draw!

The old zoom in/out using two fingers

We are very happy with our editor

Making levels directly on an Idevice is just plain fun and fast, cant wait for you all to try it out.

– Miguel


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