Pitch YOUR character contest

So, we’re adding new characters to the game, no news there. But we also want you to pitch your own character ideas!

Pitch your character ideas

The best ideas will enter a poll so everyone can vote. The lazy designer/artist takes about 2 and a half hours to get a caracte fully animated into the game, so your character might not make it into the first update. If you want, and if your character win, you can even dedicate it to someone and we’ll put it on the credits.

But don’t think we don’t have ideias of our own. Here are the characters so far.

moonman, Lumberjack, Yodeler, Weelie the Robot, Ninja (wip), Caveman (wip)

Giving out Super Bit Dash for free!


Like always we need you to help us promote our game. Consider adding us to Twitter  and Facebbok for giveways, news and more contest. We don’t spam and we love you back. Oh, and we’ll be giving out promocodes for you to download our games for free all throughout next week. Another reason to follow us!


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