Fan Character Pitches – the first wave

So we launched a chalenge/contest a couple weeks back to our followers, fans, and handsome people all around – give us character ideas and we’ll put them in the game. The best will make it into future updates and we already started sketching them out. We got a lot of good ideas and some really really hard ones to get into a 54×54 pixel drawing (a moonwalking hamster with an eye patch and hat???), but we will give them all a go.

So without further ado lets check the few we had the time to sketch.

click to see this proper

We have a Ghost (wip), pink bunny with cigar, escaped convict, invisible man and snowman.

Soon we’ll have more sketches made from YOUR ideas. The best one will make it into the next updates alongside new features and levels. So what are you waiting for? Tell us what do you want to play with in Super Bit Dash!


2 Responses to “Fan Character Pitches – the first wave”

  1. manny Says:

    Add mario or like a minecraf

  2. manny Says:

    Add mario or steve from minecraft

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