Super Bit Dash released on Android

Super Bit Dash Android promo


Get it here for Android free – LINK

Sorry to keep you Android gamers waiting but Super Bit Dash is finally on the Android Market. We are very proud of this version because it runs great on multiple devices, even some really crappy ones!

We are introducing 3 new characters with the Android version (iOS gamers will have to wait).

New characters #3

The French and Mexican characters are meant to honour those fine nations that made Super Bit Dash reach the top 100 Free Games! Hey, how far do you think it will reach on your country’s Android Market? Well, that is up to YOU! Help us spread the word about Super Bit Dash. It’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s Free! 🙂

You already downloaded it right? So why not add us on Twitter and Facebook so you can help us spread the word?

The Future

We’re working on more content for Super Bit Dash such as characters and rooms. We might even bring a friend on board to help us bring you more content faster. We’re also sketching out our next games. Like always the best place to read all about it is right here so stay tuned!


6 Responses to “Super Bit Dash released on Android”

  1. cosmez Says:

    that mexican stereotype its an insult! its missing the jalapeño!

  2. ROMSY Says:

    the free coins button isn’t working D:

  3. Piers N BSAA Says:

    To be continue… Next update ?

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