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Can Super Bit Dash reach the top 100 free games in your country’s Appstore?

December 14, 2011

A new Challenge for fans! If Super Bit Dash reaches Top 100 Free Games in your country’s Appstore we will make a themed character and put it in the game. It could be a public figure, an historical figure, a stereotype whatever you want!

France is already in since Super Bit Dash reached #74 Top Free on the French Appstore today. In honor of that achievement here are two new characters:

The stereotypical Frenchmen


Delacroix’s Liberty

Can your nation be represented by an unlockable character in Super Bit Dash? Sure it can! All you need to do is share the game while it’s FREE :).

Get it FREE on iTunes HERE


Update 1.1

December 11, 2011

Super Bit Dash logo

Update 1.1


Hello fellow gamers, developers, fans, haters and members of the clergy. Update 1.1 is coming, bringing you more reasons to keep you swiping and dashing till you fingers bleeeeeeeeeed!


The update has been submitted and we’re awaiting Apple’s approval. If all goes acording to plan it will hit the Appstore later next week.


So here’s a list of what’s new in Super Bit Dash!


Characters Appstore promo

Unlockable Pixelated Characters

You know those coins you keep picking up in Super Bit Dash? Now you can buy characters with them! All the characters below we’re ideas pitched by fans – so YOU might have YOUR own character in the game. Just add us on Twitter and give us some ideas, don’t be shy 😉


Characters aren’t the only things you can unlock in Super Bit Dash. We also have new powerups like the coin magnet, extra lives and dashes.

Super Bit Dash store

Super Bit Dash’s Store

Unlock a multitude of things in the store. We added IN-App purchases for those who don’t wan’t to wait for any upgrades or characters and also Free Coins (Tapjoy) so you can get more coins fast if you so desire.

We made sure that EVERYTHING is affordable, you can unlock anything just by playing the game. We have players that get 1,000 coins just in one go, so we’re confidant that everybody will be able to enjoy the store. Of course if you feel prices are to low and you unlock things to easily or the other way around please let us know. This game is for YOU. We love you guys and gals!

New Levels

The Vault
one of the 25 new levels

25 new levels will appear in the random roll that decides your path every time you play. We have to apologize for failing our 40 new levels mark as promised. The guy typing this post is responsible for the failed promise but he’ll be sure to deliver the remaining 15 very very soon. Soon.


We added sounds to lasers and falling blocks. Bit by bit the game just keeps getting better right? 🙂


Android! We are now running on a crossplatform engine that will allow for simultaneous updates on both android and iOS. Not a big thing for you Apple heads but great news for Android users (who will get SBD soon).

This took allot of time and that’s why you haven’t been getting your updates as often. No more excuses though. Prepare for frequent updates because we’ll not rest until we have ONE HUNDRED levels and a new mode for you all to play.

Check  Indie/ModDB next week for we will announce the update as soon as it’s LIVE.

You can get Super Bit Dash on the Appstore now – LINK
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Fan Character Pitches – the first wave

November 28, 2011

So we launched a chalenge/contest a couple weeks back to our followers, fans, and handsome people all around – give us character ideas and we’ll put them in the game. The best will make it into future updates and we already started sketching them out. We got a lot of good ideas and some really really hard ones to get into a 54×54 pixel drawing (a moonwalking hamster with an eye patch and hat???), but we will give them all a go.

So without further ado lets check the few we had the time to sketch.

click to see this proper

We have a Ghost (wip), pink bunny with cigar, escaped convict, invisible man and snowman.

Soon we’ll have more sketches made from YOUR ideas. The best one will make it into the next updates alongside new features and levels. So what are you waiting for? Tell us what do you want to play with in Super Bit Dash!

New characters on the way!

October 19, 2011


Here’s a sneek preview at the characters we are working on for Super Bit Dash. Along with them we’ll have brand new features that we’ll announce, one by one, as they are implemented in the game.

What do you think?

Devlog #08 New Game Mode

September 8, 2011

Before I get into the new game mode let me just say:

polishing the game takes forever!

The game is fun, the game is playable, but the amount of work that goes into making every little thing work perfectly is insane. And you can’t believe the amount of stuff we left for a future update – from small little animations to full blown features. But more on what’s to come in a future post. Now I’ll show you some new pictures.

The new simpler Main Menu

We now have two modes:

CLASSIC: a random selection of “rooms” is made while loading and they get put together to make a course. Super Bit Dash is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get, except for the fact that you know you’re gonna get some sort of chocolate.

ENDLESS: Every “room” in the game tossed in a random mix. One life. How far can you get before the inevitable happens?

These will be the modes available on launch. Also a selection of about 50 rooms to make each play unique. More will be added briefly after launch. We’ll explain the whole “rooms” concept in a later post.

And to top things off a couple new screenshots from the game. We added in some new stuff, like an aura that let’s you see how short you are on coins and a nice little sonic boom thing that gets left behind when you dash.

Green glass is made to be broken

Coins coins coins!!!

Super Bit Dash is coming soon to iOS. Submission will be next week.

Until then please follow us on Twitter or add us on Facebook to get the latest news.



Project OneLife now know as Super Bit Dash

August 8, 2011

Super Bit Dah logo

As the release date draws near all falls into place. Tweaks and polish are taking most of our time, but you can expect  a gameplay video soon, before the oficial trailer.

Meanwhile have a seat while you wait and take the time to comment on our logo if you please.
Oh, and here are a couple of screenshots for you all to see.

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Devlog #02 – Update on project One Life

May 12, 2010

Has it been this long? No news since January?

To correct that here are some images of our next game. Sure its only crappy placeholders, but we love it 🙂 Feel free to comment on the shear genius displayed here, and also, feel free to post some modesty, we are in dire need of it.

Just look at him go!! Ridding the retro wave shamelessly!!

Devlog #01 – One Life Only – new game in the works!

January 5, 2010

We  started work on our new game, code-named One Life Only. It’s a horizontal non-shooter or something of the sort. We are very exited with it and hope to have some concept art to show soon. We are using the Cocos2d framework and so far it seems awesome, very fast very easy to work with.

Stay tuned!

Welcome to our blog

October 4, 2009

It’s still all pretty bare, but we are really busy getting our first milestone ready. Hope to share biggger news soon.