Super Bit Dash gameplay video

August 15, 2011

Just a quick post to show you all some new gameplay footage. Check it out on youtube and leave a comment.


Project OneLife now know as Super Bit Dash

August 8, 2011

Super Bit Dah logo

As the release date draws near all falls into place. Tweaks and polish are taking most of our time, but you can expect  a gameplay video soon, before the oficial trailer.

Meanwhile have a seat while you wait and take the time to comment on our logo if you please.
Oh, and here are a couple of screenshots for you all to see.

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Devlog #07 Maturing the art style

July 9, 2011

As we near the launch of project Onelife many things are only now taking their final form. We want to show you the evolution of the art styles we employed in our game. From the first”anything-goes-as-long-as-we-know-what-everything-is” to the “this-game-is-getting-pretty good,-we-need-art-like-League-of-Evil“.

early mockup

This early mockup was a bit trippy to be implemented with a tile based editor (or so we thought) and was more an attempt to get a nice color scheme. Still much to learn…

First Playable

A kind of Atari 2600 look- We wanted a variaty of tiles we could use freely to make up whatever shapes we wanted – columns, grinders, pistons, etc… Bad idea. You not only have to thing of how you play the level you start imagining all sorts of settings. Lego like freedom is dangerous for developers. Limit the scope of everything – includes art as well as features – especially when you” indieing” in between industry day-job crunches.

And we though this would be it

We thought we had enough messing arround with art and this would be it, the final look of our game. But as soon as we tweaked the dashing and jumps, the game felt so cool that we had to give it a facelift. Inspired by the iOS hit League of Evil we redid everything about the game’s look as you can see below.

The change begins (continues)

Latest Mockup

Above you can see the latest mockup. This is probably what you’re going to get in the final release, plus a few tweaks here and there.

Our character has also undergone several changes. From the first simple (we actually thought simpler would be easier – not so) blocky character to our new armor clad pixel hero wannabe.


And there you have it, a quick run down of the visual changes that Onelife has undergone.  Soon we’ll have gameplay videos so everyone can see how the game will play, look and sound.

Devlog #06 New art and Sounds

June 13, 2011

It’s been a long time we know. We’ve been through a lot but are proud to announce that our game is nearing completion. To inaugurate a series of new updates and news here’s a mockup with the game’s new art and the first track from the game.

We are glad to be back. More news to follow!

Press play. Rave on!

Devlog #05 – In Game Editor – a level designer’s delight

September 11, 2010

Here are some pictures of our new in game editor. Until now we’ve been using tiled, which is a great little program. The only problem was that every time we made a change to a level we had to compile to the Ipod in order to test it, which made testing and tunning levels a monumental bore.

But now, thanks to our programmer (what name/nickname do you want me to put here A?) we have a simple but very effective level editor with all the needed features (for now at least, more are on the way):

– tile select on the bottom, one for each type of tile (deadly, ground, “coin”, breakable)

– Save button of course 🙂

– And the god sent PLAY button.

Hopefully this will be available for the player to make and share his/her own levels. Lets see how that works.

Now the pictures

Select the tile and drag to draw!

The old zoom in/out using two fingers

We are very happy with our editor

Making levels directly on an Idevice is just plain fun and fast, cant wait for you all to try it out.

– Miguel

Devlog #04 – New artwork and new gameplay

September 7, 2010

Vacations, crunch time at work, ahhh, this is the life. Slowly but surely Project OneLife makes his way towards the App Store. Here are some new developments in the art department. The character still needs work, but that might take a while because we have no dedicated artist.

So here are some new pictures of what we’re doing. We are trying out the size of the GUIs and character detail at this point, but I think we are going to put those issues aside while we work on our ingame editor and levels.


Here is our hero dashing.

Character tests

We had a character that jumped (mario jumps) and glided but that  felt too slow. Now we have a dashing character, literally. He/she dashes forward  and upward, destroying pitiful walls and enemies.

Hopefully we’ll get some video of gameplay soon for you to check out.


Devlog #03 – News on Project One Life

June 6, 2010

The yet to be properly named Project One Life is still in slow slow development, with an average of a new level per week. That’s what you get for not being a full time indie developer. Still, it’s getting more exciting with each passing week, so there’s not much room for complaints. New screens to follow (as soon as I get my hands on Gimp and make a proper GUI).

Also, a fakepupian will be heading to Paris next week. Tips on obscure gaming venues in Paris are welcomed 🙂


Devlog #02 – Update on project One Life

May 12, 2010

Has it been this long? No news since January?

To correct that here are some images of our next game. Sure its only crappy placeholders, but we love it 🙂 Feel free to comment on the shear genius displayed here, and also, feel free to post some modesty, we are in dire need of it.

Just look at him go!! Ridding the retro wave shamelessly!!

Devlog #01 – One Life Only – new game in the works!

January 5, 2010

We  started work on our new game, code-named One Life Only. It’s a horizontal non-shooter or something of the sort. We are very exited with it and hope to have some concept art to show soon. We are using the Cocos2d framework and so far it seems awesome, very fast very easy to work with.

Stay tuned!

Snowball Smash is out!

December 19, 2009

Finally we got the update out in time for Christmas. It didn’t run on the 3G  for a couple of weeks but now everyone can enjoy our little game . Check it out in the appstore, and while the trailer isn’t finished check out a small gameplay video.

For those who don’t know Snowball Smash is an Iphone – Ipod touch game where you tilt to control the ball and keep looters from taking Santa’s gifts. Simple, fun and addictive. Just try and beat our highscores 🙂