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Super Bit Dash for the Xperia Play

January 29, 2012

Good news for those who take mobile gaming very very serious (serious enough that you demand a controller). We at Fakepup are hard at work on the Xperia Play optimized version of Super Bit Dash.

For those living under a rock, the Xperia play is the Playstation phone, Sony’s wonder phone that slides open to reveal a gamepad. It’s a beauty and Super Bit Dash already plays great with the D-pad. It’s funny to see  a game we promoted as not having a clunky virtual d-pad working really well with a physical d-pad – oh the irony.

With the D-pad you wont just play the game but also navigate the menus.

This is a Mockup of the store, if we can get it to work in under two weeks that is. That is our deadline – two weeks to have it running flawlessly. It looks a bit crowded but we didn’t originally consider physical controls so we are doing our best with the assets we have.

Of course those wanting to tap the buttons on screen and play by swiping the finger on the screen can still do so, but the D-pad offers a great deal more control. No excuse not to have your name on the top 10 highscores now. Unless you are Farmviller… Are you?


Snowball Smash is out!

December 19, 2009

Finally we got the update out in time for Christmas. It didn’t run on the 3G  for a couple of weeks but now everyone can enjoy our little game . Check it out in the appstore, and while the trailer isn’t finished check out a small gameplay video.

For those who don’t know Snowball Smash is an Iphone – Ipod touch game where you tilt to control the ball and keep looters from taking Santa’s gifts. Simple, fun and addictive. Just try and beat our highscores 🙂

Snowball Smash is up for approval!

November 28, 2009

It’s been a trying two months or so, with a lot of sleepless nights, but our first game is finally  in Apples hands waiting approval. We wish we had time to make posts during the process but time was to short for anything other than working exclusively  on our game.  Still, we plan to post some of our early work here soon so you can see the process.

Now for some pictures! Here’s the menu screen.

And some in game shots.


Snowball Smash is  survival X-mas themed game where you must run over looters with a giant snowball to protect Santa’s gifts. If they rob three gifts you lose.

Models were done in blender3d and we used Sio2, an iphone 3d engine. But more details on that in another post.